Dive Instruction

Your Instructor – Bruce P Burgess is a Level 2 Specialty Scuba Diving Instructor with MDEA. Bruce has over 30 years Scuba Diving experience and has dove in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, The Caribbean, and The South China Sea.  In addition to his certifications as a dive instructor, Bruce is also certified as a sales trainer and coach with a focus on understanding and working with personality styles. Bruce graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Psychology. Bruce’s extensive dive knowledge blends with his education, life experience, and passion for teaching to create an enjoyable and successful learning experience.


Your Dive Agency – MDEA (Multinational Dive Educators Association) is an internationally recognized dive certification organization. Your MDEA certification will be valid worldwide. While the dive industry is self regulated, all dive agencies have agreed upon a core curriculum of education and skills required for certification at the various levels. Understanding that you are learning a lifetime skill, MDEA focuses more than many agencies on the science and physiology behind the basic fundamentals that are taught. MDEA believes that a deeper understanding of these principals leads to a superior dive experience.


The Tennessee Divers Experience – While Bruce will tailor your experience to your unique needs, there are some common elements to learning with Tennessee Divers

  • Personality Assessment – a simple set of questions will shed light on your personality and learning style. There are no wrong answers!

  • Goal Clarity – a quick interview will define your basic goals and objectives. We want to work together to get your “Why” satisfied successfully. Any apprehensions or reservations are discussed and understood.

  • Skills Assessment – We can’t go to where you want to be without knowing where you are. From swimming and floating skills to more advanced scuba skills, Bruce will come to understand where you are.

  • Classroom education – Using an energetic, interactive teaching method, you will be presented with the science and fundamentals of diving.

  • Skills Training – Using a hands-on approach, you will learn the skills required to dive enjoyably and safely. Conducted in a pool environment, your skills training is accomplished comfortably and thoroughly at your pace.

  • Open Water Check Out – This is not called “training” because you are not learning any skills you did not master in the confined pool environment. Your Open Water dives are an opportunity to display your skills in a quarry, where the environment is similar to what you will be experiencing as a diver. You will log your first 4 scuba dives with your instructor. Your skills will quickly develop, and your confidence will grow. Somewhere, on the bottom, you will find the fun you have been searching for!


Are you ready for your own Tennessee Divers experience? Contact Bruce to learn more!