Level 2 – Advanced Diver

Whether you are brand new to diving, or you have dove here and there over several years, a Level 2 Advanced Diver certification is highly recommended. While you can dive with a Basic certification, many dive operators abroad may look askance at your limited dives and level 1 certification and require extra measures. Some dive activities, deep diving in particular, may require you to hire a dive master to personally dive with you without the Level 2 designation.  


Advanced Diver certification consists of 5 more dives. It is designed to expose you to the really fun aspects of diving that you do not get in the basic course. Techniques and safety measures are taught. These dives are done at a local rock quarry with classroom presentation and dive brief presented before each dive. Typically, the course takes 2 days to complete, with 3 dives on one day and 2 on the other.


Here is what you will learn: 


Wreck Diving – Learn how to safely enter and exit confined spaces under water. 

Underwater Navigation – The fundamentals of using a compass and judging distance. 

Night Diving – Explore the world when all your visual cues are very limited 

Deep Diving – The deeper you dive, the more aware you need to monitor your equipment and BT 

Search and Recovery – Learn how to find objects on the bottom and bring heavy items back up 


In addition to these 5 dives, you will review the fundamentals of Current Diving and Cavern Diving. Since you are beyond the basic level, you will dive with a dive computer, which you will learn to operate. 

Take the next step to hone your dive skills with a Level 2 Advanced Diver Level 2 Certification. 

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