Tennessee Divers

Become privately scuba-certified locally!

Our Classes

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Level 1


Learn a foundational skillset to dive comfortably anywhere.

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Level 2


Learn 5 different diving techniques: night dive, wreck dive, underwater navigation, deep dive and search & recovery.

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Level 3


Great as an add-on! Become specialized in one of our 5 advanced diving techniques.

Our Approach


There are countless possible reasons that you may have for wanting to learn to Scuba Dive or to master your skills. For some, it is a sense of adventure that drives them. Others possess an incurable curiosity of what is hidden just below the surface of the water. From creating a perfect vacation memory to overcoming a long held phobia, there are numerous answers to the question “Why do you want to learn to Scuba Dive?” Regardless of the Why, learning to dive appears as an item on many bucket lists. Maybe even yours.


Because people are different, their needs, personalities, and learning styles are also widely varied. Experience has taught that adapting the teaching style and environment can greatly enhance both your learning and enjoyment of this exciting sport.


Tennessee Divers focuses on providing a tailored approach to your Scuba Diving certification and education experience. Bruce Burgess, your Diving Specialty Instructor, presents both academic education and practical instruction in a manner most suited to you and the way that you learn. The convenience of flexible scheduling is also an integral benefit of the program. You will finish the program with not only a Certification, but with skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime.


Does a customized approach to learning Scuba Diving in the Tennessee area appeal to you? If so, Bruce Burgess is ready to help. You owe it to yourself to get more information. Explore the website and send a contact request to pursue the conversation. Today can be the day you start checking off that bucket list!